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My Smart Indoor Camera gets very hot.

The Smart Indoor Camera has been designed to be able to recognize faces, people and animals, day and night, while remaining elegant and silent.

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data as well as excellent responsiveness, these functionalities are carried out by the Camera itself and not by remote servers.
This requires a lot of computing power, which is integrated into the Camera in the form of high-performance electronic components, which therefore emit heat to operate normally.

To dissipate this heat, the Camera is not equipped with a noisy fan or unsightly vents. It is its aluminum body that is responsible for dissipating heat by natural convection. It is therefore completely normal for the camera to feel warm to the touch. The components have been meticulously selected to be able to operate perfectly at these temperatures.

When it is very hot, safety measures prevent the internal temperature from exceeding a certain threshold. If this threshold is reached, the power supply to the main processor, which is the component that heats up the most, is then interrupted. The camera then becomes inoperative and an electrical reboot is necessary to put it back to operation. An event is visible in your app's timeline when this happens.

The maximum operating temperature complies with the international standard IEC 60950-1 relating to the safety of information technology equipment.


In order to avoid a service interruption, we suggest that you follow these recommendations:

  • Do not expose the Camera to direct sunlight.
  • Do not place it near a heat source.
  • Do not cover it.
  • Leave sufficient space (>5cm) for air to circulate between the Camera and any surrounding obstacles.


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