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How is my Smart Outdoor Camera protected against rain and humidity?

The Smart Outdoor Camera is a Security Camera designed to work outdoors. Its robust body made of extremely resistant metal, plastic and glass can withstand all kinds of weather conditions such as extreme cold, strong winds, rain, snow, hail, and bright hot sun.

The interior is completely weatherproof thanks to a hydrophobic treatment applied on all electronic components. This protection is provided by HZO, the world leader in this technology.

In order to save the micro SD card from water and humidity, a dielectric grease is applied in the card slot and protects the pins. It is recommended not to wipe the grease out of the card.

If you replace the card and the old one comes out without much grease, it is recommended to apply more in the slot and on the card. The grease used in production is “SUPER LUBE® MULTI-PURPOSE SYNTHETIC GREASE WITH SYNCOLON® (PTFE)”. You can get an SD card replacement kit from the Netatmo shop.


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