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How does the floodlight on the Smart Outdoor Camera work?

You can control your Smart Outdoor Camera's floodlight from the light button on the product tile available on the dashboard. From this menu, you can switch the floodlight on and off, or set it to automatic. You can also access a shortcut to the light's advanced settings by tapping the cog.

You can configure auto mode from the settings, where you can decide if it should stay on all night or only turn on when the Camera detects people, cars or animals. You can also define the intensity of the light.

Floodlight behavior

The floodlight turns on for a few seconds when the Camera is powered.

Light stays on when:

  • At night, there is activity in front of the Camera.
  • A user manually turned it on from the Home + Security app.
  • There is an issue with the microSD card that prevents the Camera from working. Learn how to fix the situation here.

Light glows on and off when:

  • The Camera is in pairing mode. Pairing mode lasts about 15 minutes and afterwards the Camera goes back to its normal behavior. The Camera starts pairing mode automatically when it’s powered and hasn’t been configured yet. You can start pairing mode manually by showing the Installation QR code to the Camera.

Light is red when:

  • The Camera is in night mode.
    CAUTION: Note that even though light intensity might seem weak, a powerful infrared light beam is being emitted. Please do not look directly to the light when you are close to it.

Light is off when:

  • There is enough ambient light so the Camera does not need additional light sources.
  • The Camera is not powered.
  • A user manually turned it off from the Home + Security app.


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