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I can’t connect the Thermostat or Relay wires to my heating system. What should I do?

Connecting the Thermostat/Relay control wires

  1. Use our online tool to make sure your Netatmo device is compatible with your heating system.
  2. Identify the ports to which you need to connect the two wires from the Netatmo Thermostat. To do this:
    1. Check the installation guide for your heating system (boiler, heat pump, stove, etc.) and follow the instructions in the section on how to connect the two wires from a room thermostat.
    2. Refer to the circuit diagram and find the ports for the room thermostat. They are usually labelled 'TA', 'Ls-Lr', 'RT', 'T1-T2'and are connected by a shunt if no other thermostat has been connected yet.
    3. If you cannot find this information in the user guide, talk to Customer Service for your brand of heating system or contact your usual heating specialist.
  3. After removing the shunt, insert the two wires into their designated ports: there is no order of polarity (just insert one wire into each port).

Connecting the boiler adapter's power supply wires to the Relay (wireless set up only)

Insert the brown wire into the heater's phase (port L or P) and the blue wire into the neutral (port N), leaving the existing wires in place.

To make it easier to insert the two power supply wires for the boiler adapter into the heater’s 230V ports you can remove their cable crimping. To do so, cut the cable crimping at the base using wire cutting nippers, then remove the plastic tubing using wire strippers or a utility knife. Finally, cable together the power supply wires for the boiler and the boiler adapter (the brown wire with the brown wire, the blue wire with the blue wire) before inserting them into their respective ports.

I still can't figure out which ports to plug the Thermostat wires into

In this situation, we recommend that you seek advice from your usual heating engineer. He knows your heating installation and will be able to advise you quickly.
If not, send us a message with the following information, we will help you find out how to connect the Thermostat to your heating system:

  • Make and model of the previous thermostat (possibly) + photo of the electrical connections.
  • Make and model of the device you want to control with the Thermostat + photos of the electrical connections, and in particular of the wires from the previous thermostat.


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