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How can I change the type of installation of the Thermostat, from wired to wireless or vice versa?

If you wish to change the type of installation of the Thermostat, to switch from wired to wireless (or vice versa), there is nothing to change in the Energy application, only the wiring of the modules must be changed. Be sure to follow the Thermostat positioning recommendations described in the installation manual, for optimal room temperature measurement, and those of the Relay for good transmission of Wi-Fi and radio waves.

Here are the few simple steps to follow depending on your situation:

Switch from wired to wireless:

  1. Unplug the Relay from its electrical outlet, and disconnect the AC adapter from the Relay.
  2. Turn off the power then access the boiler or the control interface, and locate the ports where are connected the 2 control wires which go to the Thermostat through the walls.
  3. Disconnect these 2 wires and instead connect the gray and black wires from the boiler adapter of the Thermostat Relay.
  4. Connect the brown and blue wires of the Relay boiler adapter to the 230V power supply of the heater, respectively L and N, leaving the existing wires in place.
  5. Secure the boiler adapter to the wall using double-sided tape or the 2 screws/anchors (supplied), following the recommendations in the manual.
  6. Connect the Relay to its boiler adapter then turn the power back on.
  7. Remove the Thermostat from its wall mounting plate, then mount it on its mobile stand to be able to place it in the location of your choice.

Switch from wireless to wired:

  1. Switch off the current then disconnect the 4 wires of the boiler adapter of the Thermostat Relay.
  2. Connect the 2 wall control wires to the room thermostat ports on your boiler, where the black and gray adapter wires were previously connected.
  3. Connect the Thermostat Relay to an AC outlet using the provided adapter.
  4. Install the Thermostat wall mounting plate in the desired location.
  5. Connect the 2 wall control wires to the screw terminal block of the wall plate.
  6. Remove the Thermostat from its mobile stand, then mount it on the wall plate.
  7. Turn the power back on.


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