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Can I use my Camera with a 4G router?

You can create Wi-Fi hotspots with 4G routers or mobile phones so that the Camera can connect to them.

The Camera will work with most of these hotspots. However, some ISP use NAT444 on mobile networks, which means that they can assign the same IP to multiple users. In these cases, the Camera might struggle to connect to internet or not connect at all. We recommend checking that before setting up the Camera.

Also, keep in mind that the Camera requires a minimum bandwidth in order to work correctly: 

You need to have an upload speed connection of 400 KB/s to be able to watch live videos in the best quality (Full HD – 1080p). If your connection is slower, the Camera will adapt the video quality when you watch the live stream. For example, with a connection of 125 KB/s videos will be in HD (720p). The minimum speed connection is 25 KB/s upload and download for the Camera to work. Note that these speed values need to be fully dedicated to the Camera.


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