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Advanced network troubleshooting guide.

Wireless issues can be due to physical interferences or to the configuration of the Wi-Fi access point. In this article, we will first try to reduce all physical interferences, then propose some easy steps to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi access point.

Minimize interferences

  1. Please check the distance between the router and the Camera. Walls and certain surfaces can absorb the wireless signal. If it solves the connectivity issue, you need to install a Wi-Fi repeater in the room you want to install your Netatmo product in.
  2. It is best if the Camera and the router are not:
    1. Behind a TV.
    2. Near an aquarium.
    3. Placed in or under a metal object.
    4. Placed in a closed furniture.
    5. Near a large amount of wires and cords.
    6. Near any wireless devices.
  3. If you have one of these devices in your home, temporarily turn it off and check if the problem is resolved:
    1. Laptops, tablets, etc.
    2. Wireless printers, speakers and any other wireless device.
    3. IP cameras.
    4. Microwaves (when in use).
    5. Cordless phones.

Access point configuration


  • Reboot the Wi-Fi router.
  • If there are multiple Wi-Fi access points (repeater / booster / extender) in your network, be sure to set different name (SSID) for each access point. Then make sure the Camera is setup to connect to the access point with the strongest signal. To do so, go to the Home + Security app > Settings > Manage my home > [product's room] > [product's name] > Configure network.


For the next steps, you’ll need to connect to your router’s configuration page. To do so refer to the router’s user manual.

  • If the router is compatible with the WPA3 security protocol, check that WPA2 is also enabled (Netatmo products can only connect in WPA2). If "WPA2/WPA3 mixed" mode is not available, use WPA2 only.
  • Try to update your router to its latest firmware version.
  • Try to set a simpler Wi-Fi password, without special characters.
  • Ensure there is no MAC filtering enabled on the router (or make sure the Camera is in the white-list).
  • If available, enable "VPN Passthrough" and "IPsec Passthrough".
  • Ensure access restriction (parental control, etc.) is disabled.
  • Check if your router has a sleep function. If so, disable that function. (If your Netatmo product disconnects and reconnects every day at the same time).
  • Disable the Wi-Fi channel restriction (enable automatic selection), or select channel 1, 6 or 11.
  • If your router is 5GHz compatible, please check that 2.4Ghz is also enabled (Netatmo products can only connect to 2.4GHz networks).
  • Try to disable 5GHz.
  • Check whether UPnP is enabled. It is recommended to use it.
  • Try replacing the current DNS servers by those of Google (Primary: / Secondary:
  • Please check if your router has any firewall / port filtering. If so:
    • Open the ports 500 & 4500 (UDP).
    • Assign the Wi-Fi module a static IP with its MAC address. 

If your network is correctly configured, please provide us with the following details so that our technical teams can help you with the best efficiency:

  • which device was used to do the installation (mobile device or computer)
  • its brand and model if it is a mobile device
  • its operating system (Android or iOS) as well as its version number
  • the error message obtained (a screenshot if possible)


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