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I'm moving out, what do I do with my Netatmo products?

When you move house, there are two possible options for your Netatmo products:

1. Leave the products in the house.

In this case, it is recommended that you reset the products in order to delete any trace of your personal data.

To do so, follow these steps: How do I delete all my personal data?

The new owner will simply have to download the Netatmo app and follow the instructions to install the products as if they were new.

Further information available here: I moved into a house equipped with Netatmo products, how do I use them?

2. Keep the products and install them in your new home.

In this case, you do not have to reset the products before moving.

Before physically installing your products in your new home, you must check whether they are compatible with your new heating system. To do so, use our tool:

Once the products are installed, open the Netatmo Energy app to:

  • Connect them to your new home’s Wi-Fi network (“Configure your Wi-Fi”).
  • Place them in the rooms corresponding to your new physical installation.
  • Change the settings for your home: “Settings” > “Manage my home” > “Home name” > “Location” and “My home’s profile”.

These settings must be changed to ensure that the smart algorithms work properly.

NB: If you do not have a home Wi-Fi network (fixed-line internet) when you move, you can temporarily use another network, such as that of a smartphone connected via 4G (in “Wi-Fi connection sharing” mode), in order to set up the standard weekly schedule and to configure the basic settings. The products will then save these settings even if there is no connection, and you can simply reconfigure the Wi-Fi via the Energy app once your home Wi-Fi network is available.

Note: Within two weeks, the smart algorithms will automatically adapt to the new features of your home (thermal inertia, insulation, etc.).


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