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What are the settings of my air conditioner that I can control from the Home + Control application?

The Netatmo Smart AC Controller replaces your air conditioner remote and will offer the same functionality as your old remote from your smartphone. In particular, it allows you to control:

  • Temperature
  • The fan speed (FAN) up to 5 speeds and the AUTO speed
  • Vertical and horizontal sweep (SWING): continuous sweep and different positions
  • The modes: heating, cooling and auto. They are applied to all the products in your home. You cannot have two rooms operating in different modes. To change the mode, you just have to activate a schedule in the desired world. For more information, see the article "How can I change the mode (Heating/Cooling) of my air conditioner?"

Some special settings that may be available on your air conditioner are not supported at this time (Example: Dehumidification mode, Powerfull, Quiet...).

The available features depend on your air conditioner model. If your air conditioner does not have one of these functions, they will not be displayed in the Home + Control application.


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