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How do I change the mode (Heating/Cooling) of my air conditioner?

The modes supported by your air conditioner can be applied from the Home + Control application.
You can change the mode of your air conditioner in 2 places.
From the schedule tab in your application : 
  • Tap on the name of the schedule to open the selection menu
  • Select the mode you wish to apply (Heating/Cooling/Auto)
  • Select the schedule of your choice or create a new one
  • To activate the selected schedule, tap on the three dots, then "activate this schedule"

From the dashboard on the mode card :

  • Click on the mode card appearing under your home's name
  • Select the mode you wish to apply (Heating/Cooling/Auto)
  • Select the schedule of your choice
  • Click on "Validate" to activate the selected schedule


Few remarks :
  1. The Smart AC Controller manages the heating, cooling and auto modes on a house-wide basis, i.e. the mode selected will be applied to all the temperature control products in your home. So, you cannot have two rooms operating in different modes.
  2. If one of your products does not manage your home's current mode, it will be automatically switched off. To switch it back on, apply a compatible home mode.

  3. When your Smart AC Controller is installed, OFF schedules are automatically created for each of the available modes. You can edit these schedules in the schedule tab of your application.

  4. If you also have an Smart Thermostat and/or Smart Radiator Valves viewing and editing your temperature schedules must be done from the Home + Control application.


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