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How do I activate Apple HomeKit on my Weather Station?

Check that your Weather Station is compatible with Apple HomeKit (link to article).

The Station and the iPhone (iPad / iPod Touch) must be on the same Wi-Fi internet.


There are 2 cases:

1. There is no QR code on the product and the Station flashes blue by pressing the button on the top of the product for a few seconds

The Station must be installed in the Netatmo Weather application. (article)

Once the Station is installed, to activate HomeKit on your Weather Station, open the Netatmo Weather app on an iPhone or iPad / iPod touch:

  • Go to Settings> Manage my Home.
  • Select the room where the Main Station module is located.
  • Click on the main module.
  • Click on “Configure HomeKit”.

The button is available for all Stations version 3 and above (see this article to check the hardware version of your Station).
The HomeKit Assistant will then launch, you will need to follow the instructions on the screen.

HomeKit activation on the Station consists of 2 independent steps:

  1. How to retrieve the HomeKit configuration code:
    • In the Wi-Fi configuration step please click on "Keep" the current Wi-Fi configuration, if this option is offered;
    • HomeKit code display. Click on the “Configure HomeKit” button at the bottom;
    • Allow the app to access Photos;
    • Saving the code in the Photos in the "Netatmo - HomeKit Setup Codes" album;
    • Receive the code by notification (do not click on the notification as this will exit the HomeKit assistant).
  2. How to pair the Station and adding it to a HomeKit home:
    • Authorize the app to access Apple Home data;
    • Selection of an existing HomeKit home or creation of a new home to place the Station;

The second step, which is to add the Station to HomeKit, can be done later from the Home app. Make sure to keep the code that was saved in your Photos. If you've lost the pairing code, see the article I lost the HomeKit pairing code, what do I do?

2. Station flashing white with QR code on the product

The configuration of the Station in HomeKit is done during the installation of the Station.

To do this, you will need the QR code which is located on the back of the Station's main module (as well as on the back of the small user manual and on a HomeKit card contained in the packaging).

Please follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings> Install New Products.
  • Select “Smart Weather Station”.
  • Touch the top of the Main Module until the LED flashes white and follow the instructions of the application.

If the Station has already been installed but without doing the HomeKit configuration (with an Android for example) or if the HomeKit configuration has been deleted, it is possible to do it later.
To do this, you can either go to the Apple Home app and choose to add a HomeKit accessory using the QR code, or go to the Netatmo Weather app:

  • Go to Settings> Manage my Home.

  • Select the room where the Station's main module is located.

  • Click on the module.

  • Click on “Configure HomeKit”.

  • Scan the HomeKit code

  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

If you need more information, here are some articles that can help:

"I cannot pair my Station with HomeKit."

"What can I do with a Station paired with Apple Homekit?"


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