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How do I reset the Station? (Apple HomeKit procedure)

It is only worth resetting the Station if you have problems setting up Apple HomeKit.

You can reset your Station to generate a new HomeKit code. Resetting your Station will have the following consequences:

  • The Station and HomeKit will be unpaired;
  • The Wi-Fi data will be erased (you will need to reconfigure the Wi-Fi);
  • The old HomeKit code linked to the Station will be rendered unusable.

You do not need to reset the Station in the event of:

  • Wi-Fi disconnection/reconfiguration;
  • Unexpected Station behaviour.

Data linked to the Netatmo account, such as historic readings, will not be erased during this process.


Before resetting the Station, we recommend that you remove the Station accessory in the Home app if you have added it.

Press and hold the top of the Station until it flashes red. Press once to confirm. The Station will then turn solid red. It will restart and flash blue. You can now reactivate HomeKit. For more information on how to activate HomeKit, please read this article.


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