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Where do I find the Apple HomeKit pairing code?

Please check the compatibility of your Station with Apple HomeKit first, using this article.

If your Station is compatible, three possibilities:


1st case - Your Station is Apple HomeKit native

In this case, the code can be found:

  • On the product at the back, under the power supply;
  • On the back of the small user manual;
  • In the packaging, on a HomeKit card which is in the accessory box.

2nd case - You have already activated HomeKit on your Station from the Netatmo Weather application

In this case, the code can be found among the Photos on your smartphone, in the "Netatmo - HomeKit configuration codes" album.

If you cannot find the code, it cannot be regenerated.

Unless you reset the station and restart the Homekit process. For more information, follow this article.


3rd case - You have not yet activated HomeKit on your Station: please see the article "How do I activate Apple HomeKit on my Weather Station?"


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