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What can you do with a Station paired with Apple HomeKit?

Apple HomeKit enables you to: 

View readings from the Weather Station and its compatible Modules

In the Home app, you can view readings from the Main Module, the Outdoor Module and Additional Indoor Modules.

You can obtain the following readings:

  • Main Module — temperature, humidity, CO2 (detected yes/no and level in ppm) and air quality
  • Outdoor Module — temperature, humidity and battery level
  • Additional Indoor Module — temperature, humidity, CO2 (detected yes/no and level in ppm), air quality and battery level

CO2 is shown as detected if the level of carbon dioxide exceeds 1600 ppm.

Pressure, noise, rain and wind data are not available in HomeKit.

Air quality is a new reading, introduced with HomeKit, which allows you to assess the air quality in a room based on temperature, humidity and CO2 level.

Ask Siri for information

From an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, HomePod or Apple Watch, you can ask Siri for all the data available in the Home app, using voice control.

For example:

  • Hey Siri, what's the temperature on the balcony?
  • Hey Siri, what's the humidity level in the kitchen?
  • Hey Siri, what's the air quality like in the bedroom?
  • Hey Siri, what's the CO2 level in the study?
  • Hey Siri, what's the battery level in the bathroom?

For more information on Siri controls in general, please visit the Apple Support page.

Create automations that trigger actions

In the Home app, you can create automations that trigger actions (e.g. turning the lights on in a room) in response to a particular event. That event might be, for instance, a specific time of the day, the arrival of a person in the house, or a sensor that detects something.

In the case of the Weather Station, CO2 and air quality can be used as sensors in an automation.

In the "Automations" tab, click on the "+" icon in the top-right corner to create a new automation. Choose the option "A sensor detects something" as the automation trigger. You can then choose between:

CO2: the automation will be triggered when a high level of CO2 is detected (automation is possible above a set value of 1600ppm);

Air quality: the automation will be triggered when air quality exceeds or passes below a certain threshold. There are 5 threshold levels for air quality: very bad, bad, acceptable, good and excellent.

For more information on HomeKit automations in general, please visit the Apple Support page.


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