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I can't pair my Station with Apple HomeKit.

If you have not completed the Apple HomeKit activation procedure on your Station (to retrieve the pairing code, in the Netatmo Weather app) please read this article.

If you retrieved the HomeKit pairing code but the Station could not be added, check that:

  • The iPhone (iPad/iPod Touch) is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Station;
  • You have accepted data from the Home app for the Netatmo Weather app (Apple Device > Settings > Netatmo > Local data);
  • The Keychain is activated (Settings > User profile > iCloud).

After completing these checks, you can try again to pair the Station in the Home app by using the HomeKit code you received when HomeKit was activated on the Station. The code can be found in Photos, in the album "Netatmo – HomeKit Setup Codes".

If you have lost this code, please refer to the article "I've lost the HomeKit pairing code, what do I do?"

If after several attempts you still can't add your Station in the Home app, we recommend that you reset the Station: see this article.


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