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My products work fine in the Netatmo Weather app but are unavailable in Apple apps (Home, Siri).


To control Netatmo products with Siri or the Apple Home app, you must either be on the same Wi-Fi network or have an Apple HomeKit hub installed. Read this article for more information on remote control.


It might be that the Home data have not synced properly from the iCloud account:

  • Disconnect the Main Module from the Weather Station, wait at least 10 seconds, then reconnect it.
  • Check the Keychain is activated in Settings > User profile > iCloud.
  • Check the Home app is activated in Settings > User profile > iCloud.
  • Wait for iCloud to sync.
  • Restart any iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, HomePod) used and make sure they are updated.

If the problem persists after completing these checks, we recommend that you:

Remove the Station from the Home app then add it again using the HomeKit code you received when activating HomeKit. The code can be found in Photos, in the album "Netatmo – HomeKit Setup Codes".

If you have lost this code, see the article "I've lost the HomeKit pairing code, what do I do?"

If the previous procedure did not solve the problem, please reset the Station. See "How do I reset the Station?" (Apple HomeKit procedure)


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