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My Valve doesn’t turn on when I insert the batteries, what should I do?

Check the batteries condition

  1. The Valves are designed to operate with non-rechargeable AA / LR6 type alkaline batteries. The rechargeable batteries are not powerful enough to allow the Valves to function properly.
  2. The batteries must be in good condition, with no signs of leaks, corrosion or swelling.
  3. Their expiration date must not have been reached or passed.
  4. If you have a battery tester or a multimeter, check that the terminal voltage is greater or equal to 1.5V for each battery. If in doubt, replace the batteries with new, unexpired ones from a quality brand. The use of lithium batteries (non-rechargeable) is possible to improve performance and autonomy.

Insert the batteries into the Valve

  1. Open the battery hatch, and insert the batteries respecting the polarity. If the hatch is fitted with a metal tape, check its integrity: it must be in good condition and properly sticking over the entire width of the hatch. If it is coming off, be sure to put it back in place correctly.
  2. Check the condition of the hatch closing notches: they must not be bent or damaged.
  3. Slide the hatch while pressing down on the batteries, taking care not to peel the tape during the operation. Drive the notches all the way. The side notches should be visible and the center notch should be fully inserted.

If the Valve screen still does not flash after this procedure, send us a message.


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