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Suspension of IFTTT services for your Energy products

To ensure that your routines are not interrupted, your favourite IFTTT automations will be integrated into the Energy and Home + Control apps, as well as Apple Home or Google Assistant.

Here’s a list of the most popular IFTTT automations and some alternatives that we can now offer:

  • Receive an email when your products' batteries are almost dead

Our "Auto-Care" feature sends you an email and in-app notification to warn you when the batteries are almost depleted. This subject is covered in more detail in this article.

  • Activate Away mode
  • Change the temperature in a room
  • Activate or modify a heating schedule

You can do different things using these features:

  • In your apps, you can modify the temperature, activate a special mode (Away, Frost Protection, Off or Max) and activate or modify a heating schedule
  • On Android, the Home + Control app lets you create shortcuts to activate a special mode or heating schedule
  • On iOS, with Apple Home, you can tap and hold the Energy app icon to activate Away mode and Frost Protection mode, as well as increase or decrease the temperature by 2°C.


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