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What is Auto-Care?

Auto-Care is the smart notification system that keeps your home safe and efficient. It informs you when something is not working as expect with your heating system.

Auto-Care includes three kinds of notifications:

  • The Energy Savings Reports

An email is sent at the beginning of each month when a new Energy Report is ready.
Note: The reports are available for the Netatmo Thermostat only. 

  • Low battery notifications

They help you know about a month in advance when your Thermostat’s batteries needs to be replaced.

  • Heating maintenance notifications

Heating maintenance notifications alert you when heating equipment is not heating as expected.When the winter starts but the heating does not, it will remind you to start the boiler again.When the heating equipment fails and the set temperatures are not reached, it will detect it, send you an email, so that you can quickly get in touch with your professional installer.

The heating maintenance notifications can differentiate between a window left opened and a long lasting issue with your heating equipment.

You can turn off Auto-Care notifications from the settings menu within the app > My account > Personal data > Mail notifications.


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