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A logo appears on the Thermostat screen, what does it mean?

Thermostat start-up


Searching for the Relay


Relay not detected (out of range or not paired)


Thermostat started

Normal display of the temperatures : setpoint temperature in bold, measured room temperature in light.


"Flame" logo: the Thermostat activates the heating. [Only with firmware v64 and above]


"Radiator" logo: a Smart Radiator Valve located in a different room from that of the Thermostat calls for heating. [Only with firmware v64 and above]


"Exclamation point" logo: the Thermostat does not detect the Relay. This logo can have several possible causes: - synchronization in progress, which may take up to 15 minutes, following a restart of the Relay (update, power outage, etc.). - out of radio range - Thermostat not paired with the Relay


"Low battery" logo: less than a month of battery life remains, the batteries need to be replaced (AAA 1.5V, non-rechargeable).


"Exhausted battery" logo: the batteries no longer have enough power to ensure normal operation of the product. The Thermostat makes sure to deactivate the heating before it stops working.


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