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I have recurring errors in the application preventing me from finishing the advanced configuration of my controller, what should I do?

Some button clicks don't match with your remote

When setting up the product, the Smart Controller will pick up infrared orders from your remote control when you click on the buttons. If other infrared products are close by, it can cause interferences and lead to repeated errors during the advanced configuration.
To avoid these errors, follow these recommendations:
  • Move away from any other products that use infrared (TV remote control, motion detector in lights etc.).
  • Make sure your smartphone is not too close to your Smart Controller (approx. 1 metre) and that it is not in between your AC’s remote and the Smart Controller. Some smartphone features like facial recognition can cause interferences.
If the error persists despite checking the compatibility of your remote control (, send us a message with a picture (front and back) of your remote control.

My product doesn't beep?

During the configuration, the Smart Controller emits a beep to confirm that it has received an order sent by the remote. If you don't hear this beep, the Smart Controller will not be able to be configured correctly.
Check the following:

  • Make sure the remote’s batteries are full and that the remote can control your AC.
  • Make sure the remote is ON
  • Point the remote toward the Smart Controller, when less than a metre from it

If you still don't hear a beep after completing these checks, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug and plug in the Smart Controller from the power. Wait a few seconds, then launch the configuration from the product's settings: Menu > Manage my home > Room selection > Configure my remote
  2. If step 1 didn't work, please reset and reinstall your product. To do so:
    1. Remove your product from Home + Control: Manage my home > Room > Smart Controller > Settings > Remove
    2. Insert a thin object (paper clip or pen tip) in the RESET button at the back of the product and press it for 10 seconds until the LED glows
    3. Reinstall the product


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