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My product has run out of battery. What should I do?

As soon as the battery level in your Netatmo Smart Door Lock reaches 0%, you will receive a notification on the Home + Security app and an email to the email address linked to your Netatmo account.

If the batteries run out, don't worry; there is a simple solution that will get you home.

Your Smart Door Lock has a micro USB port hidden behind the hatch under your outdoor handle.


This micro USB port is for power purposes only (no data can pass through it), so you can power up your product using an external power source:

  • External battery.
  • Laptop.
  • Smartphone.

You can therefore turn on your Smart Door Lock for long enough to unlock your door with a Smart Key or the Home + Security app. You will then need to change your batteries as soon as possible. Read the article How do I replace my product's batteries?


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