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My lock is getting harder to unlock/lock. What should I do? Lock maintenance

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is fitted in your lock and it interacts directly with this. Their proper functioning therefore depends on each other. 

As with all mechanical systems, your Lock and Cylinder are subject to natural wear and tear. The build-up of dust and residue in the mechanism could affect the functioning of your lock, as the mechanism seizes up and becomes difficult to turn.

Use the following tips to improve the lifespan of your lock and ensure your security and peace of mind.

There are 3 steps you can follow to clean and maintain your lock:

Unlike a traditional cylinder, the mechanism is not accessible from the hole in the lock on the Netatmo Smart Door Lock. To maintain your Door Lock, start by removing the cylinder to access the lock’s internal mechanism and then follow these steps:

  • Use an air duster spray to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Lubricate the mechanism using a non-greasy product. (specialist lock lubricant)
  • Refit the cylinder and test that the mechanism works properly.


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