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What level of protection does the Smart Door Lock and Keys offer?

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is an electronic cylinder made of high-strength stainless steel that fits into an existing door lock.
This cylinder, designed by Netatmo, meets the strictest requirements in terms of physical and electronic security and burglary resistance, in accordance with European standard EN15684 and SKG*** certification.
It is reinforced with an anti-drilling plate and 3 safety pins, making it highly resilient against physical attacks such as drilling, cutting, pulling and forced entry. Its design also makes it impossible to pick.
The product is also designed to withstand hacking attempts and is certified by the independent AV-TEST organisation, the leading institute for cybersecurity. For more information, visit
The door can be unlocked with a smartphone using a fully encrypted, secure Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol, or with the Smart Keys, which are based on certified and protected NFC technology. All exchanges with the Door Lock are secured using state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms.
Only the unique Secure Element built into each Smart Door Lock can validate the actions of unlocking, locking and adding new access.


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