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My Smart Key does not lock or unlock my door anymore. What should I do?


  1. Check that this key is paired to your Door Lock in the Home + Security app. Your product will emit a short beep when an unauthorised Smart Key is inserted.
  2. Try another authorised Smart Key.
  3. Open the Home + Security app to check if any errors appear.
  4. Try to activate the Smart Door Lock from the Home + Security app.
  5. Check your product is up to date.
    1. Settings
    2. Manage my home
    3. Select the room where your Smart Door Lock is installed
    4. Select the Smart Door Lock you want
    5. Select "Update firmware"
  6. Make sure your product is correctly powered up
  7. Refresh your Door Lock’s status
    1. By calibrating the product in the Home + Security app. Read article How do I calibrate my Smart Door Lock correctly?
    2. By leaving your Smart Key inserted in your Smart Door Lock for 15 seconds without moving it.


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