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I have successfully installed my Doorbell but my chime vibrates continuously.

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You have successfully installed your Smart Video Doorbell in your app Home + Security, but the chime is emitting a continuous vibrating sound.

This issue can be caused by a wrong Chime Module wiring. The Chime Module is necessary because it regulates the current between the Smart Video Doorbell and the chime. If the Chime Module is not wired correctly, some electrical current will flow through the chime and make it vibrate or ring continuously.

Warning: do not change the position of your Chime Module selectors unless the Doorbell flashes a blue or purple LED during the installation process. Please refer to step 25 of the User Guide if you are in this situation.

To solve this issue follow these few steps:

  1. Make sure your Chime Module is wired correctly by following this Help Center article: How to wire my chime module?

  2. Verify that your wires are in contact with the chime terminals, use Wagos or splice connectors if necessary.

  3. After rewiring your Chime Module, you will need to factory reset your Doorbell in order to reset your electrical installation. To do so, follow this procedure: How can I reset my Smart Video Doorbell?

  4. Restart the installation in the app Home + Security.


If you have a high voltage installation (230V), your Chime Module is configured on 1-HIGH, and the chime still vibrates after follow the procedure above, please contact us to receive the Noise Suppressing Kit.

The Noise Suppressing is only for 230V installations, it will not have any effect on low voltage (1-LOW or 2-LOW) installations.

To install the Noise Suppressing Kit please follow these few steps:

  1. Caution: Electrical Danger
    Disconnect power at fuse or circuit breaker before proceeding to the installation.

  2. Open your chime

    1. If your chime is near your door:
      Remove your chime cover.

    2. If your chime is in your switch board:
      Unscrew and remove your switch board cover.

  3. Choose one of the two wired terminals and unscrew the two wires
    You can choose the terminal you want.

  4. Clip the two wires inside the wago of the noise suppressing kit
    You may need to strip the wires to guaranty good wiring contact inside the wago.

  5. Connect and secure the wire of the noise suppressing kit to the chime terminal
    Hook the wire to the terminal and tighten the screw. Put the chime cover or switch board cover back on before reconnecting the power.


In order for our technical team to help you in the best way, please send us with your message also the following information:

  • a picture of your transformer
  • a photo showing the wiring of the Chime Module in your chime
  • a photo showing the position of the Chime Module
  • the reference of your chime if available




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