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Is my installation compatible?

The Smart Video Doorbell is specially designed to replace your existing doorbell button. Your current installation must therefore include a wired doorbell and chime. This is because the Smart Doorbell uses the existing wires to run on and rings your existing chime.

The Smart Video Doorbell does not work with wireless chimes that require the use of batteries, and it cannot replace an intercom or video door entry system (videophone).

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How to wire my chime module?

To function the Doorbell circuit requirements are:

  • Voltage compatibility: from 8 VAC to 24 VAC and 230 VAC
  • Transformer specification: minimum power 8 VA
Transformer Voltage Minimum Current Required
8V 1A
12V 0,67A
16V 0,5A
24V 0,33A

For a low-voltage electrical installation of the Smart Video Doorbell (between 8V and 24V), you must ensure the electrical wires that power it are the correct size. Particularly, the wire gauge must be sufficient if the distance between the Doorbell and the electrical panel is significant.

Classical doorbell wiring

  1. Power
  2. Doorbell button
  3. Chime


Doorbell wiring with the Smart Video Doorbell

  1. Power
  2. Smart Video Doorbell
  3. Chime
  4. Chime Module

Note: the chime module is included in the pack.


In order for our technical team to help you in the best way, please send us with your message also the following information:

  • a picture of your transformer
  • a photo showing the wiring of the Chime Module in your chime
  • a photo showing the position of the Chime Module
  • the reference of your chime if available


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