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How to calibrate the CO2 sensor?


  1. Place your module in a well-ventilated room
  2. Go to Settings > Manage my Home
  3. Select the room where the main module of the Station is located
  4. Click on the module
  5. In Configurations select CO2
  6. Launch a manual calibration by clicking on the corresponding button

Once the manual calibration request has been made, please do not disconnect the main module from its power supply or remove the batteries from the Additional Smart Indoor Modules for 8 consecutive hours.

To verify that the calibration is in progress, verify that a spinner is displayed on the recalibrate button.


Be sure to leave auto calibration enabled


The main module of the Smart Home Weather Station and the Additional Smart Indoor Modules measure CO2 levels in ppm (parts per million).

All modules are calibrated by us during the manufacture of the product.

CO2 sensors are calibrated automatically every week to better adapt to the environment around them. These automatic calibrations last a week and must start over every time the indoor module is unplugged.

This is why two modules next to each other may not measure the same CO2 value.

You can launch a manual calibration from the application Settings. In this case, the same algorithm as the automatic calibration applies, except that the manual calibration lasts 6 hours instead of a week.
Since manual calibration is based on fewer measurement points than automatic calibration, you may see spikes in the graphs.

The accuracy of the CO2 sensor is ± 100ppm to 1000ppm and ± 10% for measurements greater than 1000ppm.


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