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How does the pressure measurement work?

Pressure at average sea level 

Pressure measurement is highly impacted by the altitude. To match pressure values from Smart Home Weather Stations at different altitudes, we apply a standardized adjustment to the raw pressure measurements. The value resulting from this adjustment is called pressure at average sea level. It is the pressure that your Station would measure if it were located at an altitude of zero (sea level).
The pressure at average sea level is used in weather reports on radio, television, newspapers and internet.

How does the Station know its altitude?

When you install the Station with your smartphone, the application uses GPS to locate your Station and to search on the internet for the altitude of the ground.

How do I find out the altitude of my Station?

In the settings of your application > Name of the Weather Station > Location, you can find out the altitude estimated by your Station.

Did you know?

The pressure inside and outside is always the same.
This is why the barometer of your Smart Home Weather Station is only fitted in the Big Module.

See this article to get help with the calibration.


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