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How does the temperature measurement work?

Indoor temperature is measured by the Smart Home Weather Station’s big module.
Outdoor temperature is measured by the external module.

Minimum and maximum


The minimum and maximum temperatures are, respectively, the lowest and the highest temperature of the day, measured from midnight to midnight.

Perceived temperature


The main screen on the Netatmo Weather app displays the apparent temperature.
This temperature is calculated by adding the effects of humidity and wind to the body's perception of heat and cold. For this calculation, the app uses a combination of two common formulae: wind chill, which represents the effect of the wind on low temperatures, and the Humidex/Heat index, which represents the effect of humidity on high temperatures.

The formula used to represent the effect of humidity on the high perceived temperatures is either the Humidex or the Heat index, depending on your geographic region. By default the Heat index is used in the United States and the Humidex is used in Canada and in Europe. You can change the formula used in the app settings.

Did you know?

The comfort temperature range indoors lies between 20°C and 24°C in winter, and 23°C and 26°C in summer. This comfort temperature also depends on the indoor humidity level: the drier it is, the higher the comfort temperature is.

Good practices

Protect the Smart Home Weather Station’s modules from direct sunlight.
Furthermore, any source of heat – such as overly frequent use of measurement on demand by touching the touch button on the big module – will generally artificially increase the value of the temperature measured.


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