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How to setup my Smart Home Weather Station?

To function, the indoor module of your Smart Home Weather Station must be connected to your home Wi-Fi. Be sure to place this module in a room with good Wi-Fi reception.


  • Some types of Wi-Fi networks are not compatible with the Smart Home Weather Station:
    • Public and company Wi-Fi networks;
    • Networks only operating in the 5GHz frequency band;
    • Networks using captive connection portals;
    • Some networks using Wi-Fi signal repeaters.
  • From firmware 177 and later, the Main Module of the Station should be powered to a wall plug (using the provided charger) and not with a USB cable on a computer or router.


  1. Download the Netatmo Weather app from the Apple Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to your home Wi-Fi (sometimes your smartphone may automatically connect to a public Wi-Fi network).
  3. In the app, create a Netatmo account or use your existing account.
  4. Power up the Main Module using the charger provided with the Smart Home Weather Station. Check that the LED flashes 3 times (in green). If it does not flash, try using a different charger with the same specifications (input: voltage 100-240V, frequency 50-60Hz, current 300mA / output: voltage 5V, current 550mA).
  5. Go to Settings > Install new products
  6. Select « Smart Home Weather Station »
  7. Check that Bluetooth is activated on the mobile
  8. Touch the top of the Main Module until the LED flashes blue or white and follow the instructions of the app.

If you are unable to install the Smart Home Weather Station with your mobile device, you can use the PC/Mac installation wizard: Useful Ressources


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