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Smart Anemometer – Physical installation and precautions



The wind gauge must be placed as high as possible to obtain precise measurements and to avoid turbulences created by any object around it. We recommend that you place it at least 1.20 m above the highest point of the roof and in a space that is free of any obstacles.

Fast fact

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the standard height at which the wind should be measured is 10 meters and on an open field. These are the conditions in which weather forecasts are calculated where airports take their measurements. The reason is that the closer we are to ground level, the more the wind speed reduces and there are obstacles or the irregularities on the terrain, such as buildings or trees which create turbulence.



The wind gauge must be placed horizontally and the arrow (there is one at the top and at the bottom of the housing) should be pointed North. You can obtain a compass application on your smartphone to check the orientation during installation.



The wind gauge is equipped with a ¼ inch screw thread standard to the bottom of cameras, which you should use to fix it appropriately.


A support for the accessories of the Netatmo Weather Station is available on the Netatmo online store.


It is important not to touch the inside of the space where the wind sensors are located. This could damage them or change the calibration of your Wind gauge.


NB: See this article for help to setup your product.


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