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How to delete all personal data related to a product?

Deleting data from a Netatmo product is useful in case of donation or resale.

All data is linked to a product and to the virtual home in which it is installed. 

To delete the data, all you have to do is remove the product from its virtual home.

To do so, just uninstall the Relay by following these menus in the Netatmo app:
Settings > Manage my home > [Room of the Relay] > [Name of the Relay] > [3-dot menu] > Delete.

Remarks :

  • All historical curves and settings are deleted during this operation.
  • The Valves can be deleted individually from a home, following the same procedure as for a Relay.
  • If after deleting all products linked to your Netatmo account, you also wish to delete this account and all personal data linked to it, please consult this article.


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