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There is a difference between my Smart Anemometer measure and another source. What should I do?


The wind varies heavily with the geography. Insofar as possible, try to compare your Smart Anemometer values with a source value that is close to your location and in similar terrain conditions.

Wind direction

Please check that the arrow located on the top of the Smart Anemometer is correctly pointed toward North (to do so, you can download onto your telephone a compass application).


For weak wind values (<5km/h), the occurrence of wind direction measurement irregularities is completely normal, since at a low speed the wind direction is more changeable.

Recommendations for placing the Smart Anemometer

According to the World Meteorological Organization, the standard height at which the wind should be measured is 10 meters, on an open field. The wind speed, when measured close to ground level, is distorted by the obstacles or the irregularities of the surrounding land, such as buildings, trees or shrubs.

In order to benefit from acceptable measurement conditions, we advise you to place your Smart Anemometer 1 meter above the highest point of your house. Ensure that the Smart Anemometer is unobstructed all around it (360°).

If in low batteries conditions, your Smart Anemometer gives incoherent results, try to remove and replace its batteries.


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