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A logo appears on the Smart Radiator Valve screen, what does it mean?

Smart Radiator Valve start-up


Searching for the Relay

Searching for the Relay + radio identification number (during installation)

Started Smart Radiator Valve

Normal display (measured room temperature)

Open Window detected

Setpoint temperature display (clear on a black background)


"Exclamation point" on its own: The Radiator Valve isn’t active because it hasn’t been able to calibrate three times in a row. This can happen if the batteries are faulty, the valve body is seized or if there’s another fault. For more information, check this article.

"Exclamation mark" logo

This logo can have 3 different meanings:

- Radio connection interrupted between the Relay and the Smart Radiator Valve
- Radio connection interrupted between the Relay and the Thermostat (if present): in this case the heating may not work
- Calibration not performed or failed
Note: If the Smart Radiator Valve has already been connected, the Energy application gives details about the error encountered.

Locked setpoint : indicates that heating is impossible when the Smart Radiator Valve setpoint is modified while the Thermostat to which it is paired is OFF.

"Low battery" logo: less than a month of autonomy remains, the batteries need to be replaced (AA 1.5V, non-rechargeable).

"Exhausted battery" logo: the Smart Radiator Valve no longer works. It can remain open even without a call for heat if it does not have enough power to close the valve body.
Note: This logo may appear with good batteries if the valve body is seized up. Please check its operation and lubricate it with silicone grease if necessary.


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