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How can I get around the limit of 10 rooms containing products?

If you get the error: “Sorry, you cannot install this product in or move it to <name of room> because you have reached the maximum of 10 rooms containing products connected to the same relay”, you have probably tried to install/move a Thermostat or a Radiator Valve to an empty room.

A Relay can only support 20 products and 10 non-empty rooms, i.e., rooms that contain at least one Thermostat or Radiator Valve.

There are two ways to get around this technical limitation.

1. Combine two rooms into one

You can combine 2 actual rooms into one fictitious room in the app so that it considers that two different physical rooms are in fact a part of the same room.

To do so, move the products of 2 different rooms into the same fictitious room in the app. You can then control the temperature and measure the temperature of these two rooms together.

It’s preferable that these rooms have very similar base temperatures when the heating is off so that you can manage the heating in the same way in both rooms. It’s therefore better, for example, to avoid combining a south-facing room with a north-facing room.

2. Buy a starter pack

You can also buy a Starter Pack, especially if you’re going to add more Radiator Valves to your house. This allows you to have up to 20 rooms with products, Radiator Valves or Thermostats.

You can then control the temperature of your rooms independently, and you don’t have to use the first solution for several rooms.

Note: The Radiator Valves connected to the Starter Pack Relay cannot request heating directly from the boiler; however, they will follow the schedule set for the rooms in which they’re found.


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