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I have just installed the Smart Radiator Valves but they do not activate the heating, what should I do?

When paired with a Netatmo Thermostat, the Smart Radiator Valves are able to start the heating if required in two different ways:

  • with a Manual Boost (manual setpoint)

  • with Comfort Priority (more info)


  1. If you have just installed the products, please wait until all the Smart Radiator Valves of the home are updated to version 49 or higher and the Thermostat to version 64 or higher for this functionality to be operational.
  2. The Thermostat and the Smart Radiator Valves update process can take up to 72 hours depending on the number of modules connected and the quality of the radio link between the Relay and the modules.
  3. Valves paired with a Starter Pack Relay cannot activate the production of heating water, they consider that hot water is always available. The Starter Pack is designed for district heating.


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