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The temperature recorded by my Netatmo products is different from that shown on my usual thermometers. What should I do?


  • Do not prevent air circulation near the Radiator Valve and do not cover it (curtain, radiator block, casing, etc.).
  • Within the same room, it can often happen that two measurement devices can record different temperatures if they are not in the same place.


In order to choose the temperature display that best represents the room, follow this procedure according to the application used. We recommend performing this procedure when the radiators are hot.

Mobile app (iOS and Android)

  • Tap the "Gears" (iOS) or "3 horizontal lines" (Android) logo to show the settings
  • Tap the "Manage my home" button
  • Select the room where an adjustment needs to be applied
  • In the "Advanced settings" menu, tap the "True Temperature" button
  • Enter the temperature shown on the reference thermometer then confirm

It may take up to a few minutes for the correction to be applied.

NB : We recommend waiting several days before using the True Temperature function again in order to ensure correct adaptation of the smart algorithms.


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