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How does the open window detection work?

Detection of open windows only works if:

  • The heating system is equipped with Netatmo Valves, and each of them is updated with the internal software version 79 or above.
  • The Open Window Detection feature is enabled.
  • The Netatmo Valves are heating up.

Open Window Detection is a feature of the Netatmo Valves which recognises sudden changes in a room's temperature and switches off the heating in that room to avoid wasting energy.

The feature can be activated/deactivated for the Home in the application's settings:

  • For Netatmo Energy App: Settings > Operating mode > Open window detection.
  • For Home + Control App: Settings > Thermal comfort > Open window detection.

When an open window is detected in a room (allow at least 3 minutes), all the Valves in that room close and the heating is switched off.

You can see rooms with a detected open window:

  • In the application.
  • On the Valves' screens.

The heating in the room will come back on again:

  • If the Valves detect a window has been closed (allow at least 3 minutes).
  • After 30 minutes of a window being opened, even if it is still open.
  • When you select 'Continue to heat' in the application.

When the heating starts up again, open window detection is disabled for 30 minutes in that room.


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