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The app displays the error "Impossible to reach schedule temperature". What should I do?

Note: this sheet only concerns Valves associated to a Thermostat.

This message is displayed when over a period of 2 weeks, the Valves in the room with the error "Impossible to reach schedule temperature" regularly fail to reach their setpoint temperature.

That means the Valves are operating in ECO priority.

Valves have two modes:

  • ECO priority (default): Rooms fitted with Valves can only heat when the Thermostat room is also requesting heating, or if a Manual Boost is applied. The Valves only apply the weekly schedule as temperature limiters, as in an installation fitted with conventional thermostatic valves.
  • COMFORT priority: Rooms only fitted with Valves can request the Thermostat to activate the heating for their needs, including from a heating request ordered by the schedule, and even if the ambient temperature is satisfactory in the Thermostat room.

The Valve mode can be changed in your app settings:

  • For Netatmo Energy App: Settings > Operating mode > Priority Settings
  • For Home + Control App: Settings > Thermal comfort >Priority Settings


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